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Buddy Programme

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The CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) launches the BUDDY programme for researches who are about to join the CSIC or have recently joined the CSIC.

BUDDY programme connects current CSIC´s researchers (Buddy Tutors) and new researchers (Buddies).

BUDDY programme has 4 key areas:

  • ACADEMIC ORIENTATION, To facilitate integration and adaptation to the new stage of research.
  • SOCIAL COUNSELLING: Strengthening interpersonal relationships and encouraging belonging to the CSIC.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDANCE: Guidance on administrative procedures and assistance in seeking the necessary resources.
  • PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE: Generating synergies and identifying professional development opportunities to support decision-making.

BUDDY programme has been conceived to guide new research personnel in order to facilitate their adaptation and academic and social integration.

Through BUDDY programme all research personnel can have a mutual benefit from the experience, contacts and skills.

Each pair will decide freely the language in which they prefer to have their meetings.

BUDDY programme is completely voluntary for both buddies and buddy tutors. BUDDY programme will be based on active listening and empathy, in a climate of trust within a framework of respect and confidentiality.

*Phd Students are not actually students, and they should therefore not be referred to as that.